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 The history of the baby frog

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Date d'inscription : 08/09/2007

MessageSujet: The history of the baby frog   Dim 9 Sep - 13:16

Once upon a time there was a buch of baby frogs participating in a competition.
The target was to get to the top of high tower.
A crowd of people had gathered to observe the race and encourage the participants....

The start short rang out...
Quite honestly:
None of the onlookers beleived that the baby frogs could actually accomplish getting to the top of thetower.
Words like:
"Ah, it's too difficult!!!
They'll never reach the top"
"Not a chance...the tower is too high!"

one by one some of the baby frogs fell off...
...Except those who fastly climbed highe and higher..

The crowd kept on yelling:
"It's too difficult. Nobody is going to make it!"

More baby frogs became tired and gave up...
...But one kept going higher and higher....
He was not about giving up!

At the end everybody had given up, except the one determined to reach the top!
All the other participants naturally wanted to know how he had managed to do what none of the others had been able to do!

One compititor asked the winner, what was his secret?

The truth was...
The winner was deaf!!

Ther lesson to be learned:

Don't ever listen to people who are negative and pessimistic...
...they will deprive you of your loveliest dreams and wishes you carry in your heart!
Always be aware of the power of words, as everything you hear and read will interfere with your actions!
always stay...
And most of all:
Turn a deaf ear when people tell you, that you cannot achieve your dreams

always beleive:
You can make it!
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Messages : 82
Date d'inscription : 17/07/2007

MessageSujet: Re: The history of the baby frog   Dim 9 Sep - 22:50

I personally thank you marina to have sent this tale to us and especially for its interpretation. I find it super and I share perfectly the morals of your tale.
Indeed, all should been unaware of what's not judicious.
See our objective,persevere up to coming to deadlines.
Don't forget that One says: "When one wants one can"
It's important to be positive in our the life. When we've such sight seeing, the life appears to us differently.
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The history of the baby frog
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